Why is performance testing essential?
Performance testing of metal detection and x-ray inspection systems is an essential part of quality management and ensures your line is compliant. ISO 9000, HACCP and Retailers Code of Practice requires that systems are installed at critical control points and are routinely QA tested with the results documented.

Test pieces are a precision ground ball encased in plastic and are used as part of the performance validation system. Using a fully-calibrated Loma Systems test piece demonstrates your commitment to due diligence:

  • Colour coding system for visual verification
  • Calibrated and certified test pieces
  • Certification number on every test piece

What is a Test Puck?
A test puck is our latest design of test piece for metal detectors that has replaced our wands and sticks.  They are "puck" shaped so that they are easier to handle and were introduced to help factories keep better track of their test piece collection.  We have:

  • Calibrated and certified test pieces
  • Certification number on every test piece
  • Rationalised and updated the range of test pieces with the intention of improving quality and finishes
  • Updated designs to meet major retailer code of practice, which specify non-ferrous as brass and stainless steel as grade 316
  • Colour-coded to suit retailer codes of practice with full traceability and certification

      Are there any issues in changing from 304 to 316 stainless steel?
      We have updated the design of our stainless steel test pieces to use annealed grade 316 stainless. This is to comply with major retailer codes of practice, which specify this grade as the material for the test piece. In making the switch to stainless steel grade 316, we ran some sensitivity comparison tests against grade 304. Our conclusions were that like for like test piece size, 316 stainless steel is generally harder to detect than 304 and therefore leaves us with greater confidence of detecting 304 stainless.

      Test Certificates
      All of our test pieces are supplied with a certificate. Please see an example certificate here.

      Store Opening Times
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